Friday, April 3, 2009

Pedro Rosello/ Convention Center

Would somebody explain this to me because I clearly can see any reason why

Less than 10 years ago Pedro Rosello was under investigation for possible fraudulent behavior during his term as Governor of Puerto Rico. Although he was never formally charged, many who worked in the government in his term were found guilty of running scams ( steal money from the people). That only leaves two possibilities. Rosello knew what was happening and probably took part or he is very stupid and blind not see what was going on under his nose. Rosello seems like a very intelligent man, so I would think that option one is the most likely to be correct. Even if there is no proof, he definitely is not trustworthy. The President of the Senate, Rivera Schatz, is fighting with the current governor because he wants the convention center to be named after Rosello because of his accomplishments. What accomplishments? A+ on getting away with corruption? Or if he was innocent, letting half his staff steal the peoples' money?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Natasha Richardson

It's very sad that she had to die because of a silly little accident, specially because she leaves behind her two sons. I thought she sounded familiar but it wasn't until I saw her picture that I recognized her from one of my favorite movies growing up: The Parent Trap. For some strange reason they kept repeating that movie many times while I was a preteen ( abc family and disney channel) , so I've seen it at least six times. If you hit your head go to the hospital even if you feel fine! Life is short and at any moment everything could end, so go out there and live while you can.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Avatar !

Avatar Last Airbender!

Yeap, I am a big fan of Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender, but I am very skeptic about the M.Night Shyamalan's movie. I mean animation was cool but can it translate with into a movie?. I thought it was kind of strange when news came out in summer 2008, but it even stranger is the casting. So I guess the Asian part of the saga will be left mostly out. So it's coming out 2010. Anyways, hope they don't butcher this great story.

So from IMBD :

Noah Ringer - Aang ( no picture on the net, only info is that he's a Karate Champion)

Jackson Rathbone- Sokka ( Jasper from twilight )

Nicola Peltz - Katara
umm ok, not what I had expected .

Dev Patel - Zuko ( star of Slumdog Millionaire)
What ??? I loved Slumdog Millionaire, but him as Zuko!! I mean Zuko is not supposed to look goofy and harmless!!! what?? ( was originally going to be played by Jesse McCartney , jeje yeap i know)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Suicide count for PR

Only a month and a few weeks into 2009 and there have been 37 reported suicides in Puerto Rico.

Protest against Armed Forces!

This is why I love the University of Puerto Rico. They love to make their opinions clear( and they love to love protests). Well the law students decided to make a protest against the armed forces(which wanted to recruit people), because of their discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. For many students, the armed forces is necessary for their education ( $$$). Discriminating against sexual orientation, excludes people who might benefit ( limiting their opportunities) and preventing them from serving their country. I think its very important to express your opinion.
---(Lalibelulaa, look what you're missing out by going to a pacifist fancy american law school, jeje!!( you need to be more active in your community)

- atirakih

Monday, February 9, 2009

Guiness Record!!

Congratulations to Suresh Joachim for breaking a Guinness World Record. He watched 72 hours of continuous uninterrupted hours of tv. Apparently he watched all the seasons of 24. He is from Sri Lanka. Anyone care to challenge? Actually I have watched more 15 hours of tv uninterrupted and I got a headache that lasted for days. Yep, I miss miss summer hobbies. Jeje!


Pictures in the Media

I love how "El Nuevo Dia" and other newspapers shift opinions by a simple photo. The former governor of PR is now on trial for courruption charges. When you compare newspapers you can see who they support. Take for example this picture above. You can see his thinning front hair, his wrinkles and his double chin. Add the weird expression and that's enough to make me distrust him. Guilty before even tried by public opinion. Not that he doesn't deserve it ( cause I think he is guilty), but the mass can seem to make an unbiased opinion based on facts anymore. Well it seems that pictures speak more than words ( Without reading the article, I know the writers opinion on the subject).